How can I tell if a Mission Crossbow has been repaired and is safe to use?

All MXB Crossbows with a SILVER COLORED SAFETY contain the upgraded Auto Safety and may be used safely.

How can I tell if my crossbow is affected by the recall?

If your crossbow is an MXB-320, MXB-Dagger or MXB-400 and has a BLACK COLORED SAFETY your crossbow is subject to this recall.

If your crossbow is an MXB-360, with a BLACK COLORED SAFETY located behind the trigger at the rear of the scope mount, it is subject to this recall.  MXB-360’s with the safety mechanism located on the rail in front of the trigger are not subject to this recall.  Refer to the photos for clarification or contact Mission Archery for assistance.

Can I perform the repair myself or can my Authorized Mission Retailer perform the repair?

No, Mission MXB Crossbows are a precision instrument that requires specific tools and expertise.  Accordingly, all repairs involving the trigger assembly may ONLY be performed at Mission Archery’s manufacturing facility.

If my crossbow model is subject to the recall but is shooting fine, should I still get it repaired?

Yes, even if you haven’t experienced an accidental discharge, contact a Mission Crossbow Retailer to arrange for your crossbow to shipped to Mission Archery. The potential exists for an accidental discharge regardless of whether or not it has occurred on your crossbow.

If I purchased a used MXB crossbow and do not have a warranty because I’m not the original owner, will my crossbow be upgraded?

All Mission Crossbows listed in the recall will be repaired regardless of owner or warranty eligibility.