General Information

Mission MXB Crossbow Voluntary Recall

Dear MXB Crossbow Owner,

At Mission Archery, the safety of our customers remains our highest priority so it’s important that you know that we have initiated a VOLUNTARY RECALL for the following MXB Crossbow models:

  1. All MXB-320, MXB-Dagger and MXB-400 crossbows with a BLACK COLORED SAFETY
  2. All MXB-360 crossbows with a BLACK COLORED SAFETY located behind the trigger at rear of the scope mount (Refer to the photos for clarification or contact Mission Archery for assistance.)

We discovered that the potential exists for unintentional discharge when moving the mechanical safety from SAFE to FIRE position if the trigger was previously pulled while the safety was in the SAFE position.

If you possess one of the models listed above, STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY and do not use it until it has been repaired at Mission Archery’s manufacturing facility.

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